• Pittsburgh wedding DJs Crystal RoomI work with dozens of couples each year in my capacity as one of the Pittsburgh wedding DJs at Entertainment Tonite. Over the years I have learned just how difficult it can be to plan a wedding. Because of this, I often read wedding planning articles with the idea that information provided in the article may be helpful to my clients.

    This article by Georgina Safe, published by stuff.com.nz¬†features advice from celebrity wedding planner of the stars, Preston Bailey. Bailey offers a great list of dos and don’ts for couples planning their weddings.


    1. Be sure to create a budget.
    2. Focus on what is most important to you.
    3. Hire a wedding planner. *(good planners can be hard to find)
    4. Consider a theme.
    5. Have fun.


    1. Do not follow trends.
    2. Don’t go into debt.
    3. Do not fight with your mother.
    4. Don’t forget the details.

    All in all, very good advice! It’s well worth a couple of minutes to read the full article.

    *I did want to touch on one aspect of the article, “hire a wedding planner”. This can be good advice, but I want offer a word of caution. Be very careful in selecting a wedding planner. As someone who has been a wedding DJ in Pittsburgh for many years, I can tell you not all planners are equal!

    I have encountered many “planners” who are really just former brides who thought they did a wonderful job of planning their own wedding, so now they are in the wedding planning business! Unlike other wedding vendors who are responsible for for their own particular task, wedding planners (bad ones) can get into the middle of the ENTIRE DAY and gum up EVERYTHING!

    As you would when hiring any wedding vendor, do your homework, ask to see references and speak with other wedding professionals before hiring a wedding planner. There are plenty of good planners out there, make sure you find one!

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